Charles & Ray Eames

They were the mid-century’s Beyonce and Jay-Z. A creative duo who made art out of this short life. And shaped the world in their image. Today, Charles & Ray Eames are best remembered in the objects they left behind. In the colourful curves of the Plastic Collection. Or the soft folds of their beloved Lounge Chair. Beloved for timeless appeal and distinct mid-century optimism, they promise to add comfort and story wherever they’re placed. 

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  • Who are Charles and Ray Eames?
    Charles and Ray Eames were an influential American duo of industrial designers - a lounge-piece power couple, some would say - known for their profound impact on modern architecture and furniture design. Renowned for their iconic chairs, their multifaceted work also encompassed graphic and textile design, architecture, and filmmaking, leaving an enduring legacy across various creative disciplines.
  • What are Charles and Ray Eames best known for?
    Charles and Ray Eames are most notably celebrated for their seats of all shapes, sizes and materials. Those still reverently collected and displayed today include the timeless Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, their pioneering works with moulded plywood chairs, and their innovative plastic and fiberglass chairs. Explore their distinctive collections, including the Eames Lounge Chair Collection and Vitra Eames Plastic Chairs RE, at Chaplins, or book an appointment with us to view these iconic pieces in person at our luxury showroom in Greater London.

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