High Summer: Indulge Your Maximalist Mores With These 10 Whimsical Designs

High Summer: Indulge Your Maximalist Mores With These 10 Whimsical Designs

In the heady, pre-pandemic age, there was one thing that most designers could agree on. Minimalism, of all the aesthetic creeds, was the safest option for anyone looking to see in the new decade in style. Then COVID-19 hit, in all its oxymoronic fury. Our homes went into overdrive while we were left to atrophy into the quarantine lifestyle one day at a time. 18 months later, and we’ve seen a clear shift in sartorial footing. Colour blocking is back. So are an array of iconic 70s sofas. And Elle Decoration just announced red as their colour of the year.

Taken together, and it’s clear to see that the tendrils of maximalism are growing back. Prising loose the grip held by minimalism. And speaking to a new generation of design lovers who want to feel invigorated by their daily experience of home.

Here, we’ve prepared a selection of our most spirited maximalist styles. Guaranteed to up the interior ante. And help you fall back in love with your living space…

Gravity Chandelier

One of the most common misconceptions of maximalism is that it needs to shout to get your attention. Maximalist interiors should be striking, sure, but the best examples know how to create impact through texture, colour and form. 

One of our favourite partners in this endeavour is Dutch brand, Moooi. Under the masterly direction of Marcel Wanders, they develop designs that surprise and delight, replacing tired typologies with tongue-in-cheek furniture and lighting. One case in point is the new Gravity Chandelier. All loose, fluid lines it reimagines the classic chandelier with new levity and flair, its elastic arms completely stretchable to ensure a wide range of poetic light effects.

Gravity | Discover

Platner Side Chair

Originally designed in 1966, Platner is the most indulgent of mid-century styles. It’s iconic silhouette is crafted by welding hundreds of curved steel rods to circular frames, serving as both a cosy seat and beloved ornament. It’s pictured here in a neoclassical apartment in Lisbon, complete with Da Vinci-esque ceilings and smoked glass Muffin lamps.

Platner | Discover

Butterfly Dining Table

Of all the symbols Mother Nature has lent us, the butterfly is perhaps the most poignant. And just as its real life counterpart promises to transform and evolve, this heart-flutteringly beautiful table promises to elevate any dining room into a liveable work of art. So eye-catching is it, we knew we had to bring it home with us. Design lovers can now come and see it IRL in our Greater London showroom as part of our dedicated Cattelan Italia studio. 

Legends of Leather | Discover Cattelan italia

Butterfly | Discover

Camaleonda Sofa

Cameleonda needs no introduction. Pictured in the homes of Chrissy Teigen, Marc Jacobs and just about every other aesthete of note, its bulbous modules can be connected via metal caribeanas to create sinuous islands of style. Perfect for cat naps. And all kinds of other lazy summer shenanigans.

B&B Italia | Discover B&B Italia

Camaleonda sofa | Discover

Rami Sideboard

The Rami Sideboard engages in the most beloved of maximalist pastimes: mixing textures and prints to create evocative new material languages. The front doors alternate between ceramic finishes and irregularly shaped mirrored surfaces, creating intrigue through an interplay of snatched reflections. 

Wave Rug

Much like its namesake, the Wave Rug is always changing. An undulating, hypnotic design, it plays with colour and curves to write warmth into any interior.

Wave Rug | Discover

Phantom Mirror

Phantom is the mirror for when nothing less than Gothic drama will do. Its sculptural border is warped and craggy, obliterating the expectation that mirrors should be flat or free from texture. Theatrical yet functional, it’s the kind of design that never fails to delight — ideal for lovers of avant-garde Italian style. 

Fiam Italia | Discover Fiam Italia

Phantom | Discover

Cloud Bookcase

Lightweight and lovely, the Cloud Bookcase turns traditional storage on its head. Its playful, honeycomb structure serves up concentric curves instead of the usual linear shelves and acts as a cubby hole for books, photos and all the other flotsam and jetsam of contemporary life. 

Cappellini | Discover Cappellini

Chieftain Chair

Some armchairs look to envelop the sitter in comfort. Others seek to present them to the world. The Chieftain Chair falls firmly into the latter. An icon of the House of Finn Juhl collection, it is a powerful, contemporary throne, on which to read, relax or conjure up plans for world domination!

House of Finn Juhl | Discover House of Finn Juhl

Chieftain Chair | Discover

Tufty Time Bed

Capitonné, but make it contemporary. Such was the brief for Patricia Urquiola when she revealed her desire to reimagine the hulking Chester styles of the early 20th century. After much experimentation, she arrived at a series of low slung sofas and beds, complete with undulating surfaces and a distinctly playful expression.

B&B Italia | Discover B&B Italia

Tufty-Time Bed| Discover


Platner Side Chairs via YellowTrace

Camaleonda Sofa for Cabana Magazine

Tufty Time Bed styled by Chelsea Hing and Photographed by Rhiannon Taylor

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