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Step into the comfort zone.


Living Room

Step into the comfort zone.


In search of sumptuousness? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Within our living room inspiration pages, you'll find everything you need to create a serene living room. The kind of space that you can’t wait to come back to. And that helps you find joy even when the world feels blue.

Key to our curation is the understanding that comfort feels different for everyone. Which is why throughout the entire department you'll find no two styles the same. From sculptural coffee tables that cut through open space to meandering, cloud-like loungers, we bring only the most original ideas in modern lounging under one roof.  

"A chair is only truly finished when somebody sits in it."

— Hans J. Wegner

Styles to sail away on...

Sink into softness...


Sit In The Clouds...


Make it monochrome


The Perfect Sofa


Some like their sofas structured. With clean lines and upright backs. Others like them cosy — the kind of seat you can loaf around on all day, listening to vinyl, or marathoning classic films.

At Chaplins, we don't play favourites when it comes to comfort. But we do have a couple of prerequisites when it comes to inviting new styles into the fold...

+ A commitment to comfort

And not just any old comfort. We're talking premium foams, goose down padding or hand-tied conical springs.

+ Longevity

We know that a designer sofa is a real investment. Which is why we only curate styles with staying power.

+ Buttery soft fabrics and leathers.

The more options, the better. Bonus points are awarded for removable covers.

+ An original story.

We're not interested in selling just another sofa. We look for styles that are unique and will help you connect with loved ones in new & unexpected ways.

+ Splendid craftsmanship

The details are never just the details. We want you to run your hands over the capitonné stitching. Drink in the soft leather. And experience the beauty of a design that was made just for you.

Up high?

From finely-strung bergere chairs to low-slung loungers, our collection of luxury armchairs are a cosy corner of the universe in which to just be.  

Or down low?

From finely-strung bergere chairs to low-slung loungers, our collection of luxury armchairs are a cosy corner of the universe in which to just be.

The table for all occasions


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good things come in threes


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the secret is to stay connected


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finding the balance


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Where there's a wall, there's a way...

Full disclosure: we love a sideboard as much as the next aesthete. But when it comes to modern media storage, we find that having things up, up and away is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your space. 

It’s with this in mind that we’ve inaugurated an exciting fitted furniture department, brimming with customisable styles that maximise floor space while making room for everything that matters most. 

Dedicated Spaces

Our dedicated shop-in-shops are living proof that you don’t need to hotfoot it to Milan to find more of the designs you like. Below, you'll find a list of our permanent lounge studios. The sumptuous styles that are so inviting, we had to bring them home with us.

Need help planning your dream living room?

Then why not give our interior design service a whirl? Our friendly experts will listen attentively and think creatively; helping you to find the right solutions for your home. Book an appointment direct. Or drop us a line with details of your project, below.

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