SS23 Interior Trend Report

SS23 Interior Trend Report

The spring that has sprung in the home this year is rather different from the blossomy florals and gentle pastels you might expect to see as the seasons start switching. This year, we want our rooms to be filled with wonder, to open doors to the unexpected and to show us a different perspective on that which we thought we knew.

Our living spaces should be statements, elicit quiet ‘wows’ and challenge the predictable. The 2023 palette is still based around the natural, but with a twist – some tones are bolder, brighter and brazen, while some blend into the backdrop like they’ve been there all along. Shapes and patterns experiment with minimalism which is impactful as well as elegantly pared back.

Here’s the Chaplins edit of the very best.

Blow by Gloster

Soriana by Cassina

Angular Exploration

Unleash your wild side with the vogue for adventurous angles, courageous corners and liberated lines. A revolt against the rounded forms we’ve been drawn to until recently, these designs are experimental but approachable, their visual sharpness toned down by soft angles, natural materials, neutral shades and an abundance of creativity. It’s expect-the-unexpected with these objects, which flip reverse our go-to smooth shapes and care not for what came before.

Ennea by Ligne Roset

D.754.1 by Molteni & C

An explosion of criss-crossing shapes, the Big Bang Pendant Light by Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Gracia Jimenez for Foscarini is a jagged exploration of angular slices, shadows and diffused light.

Merging the rounded with wide, open angles, Cattelan Italia’s Sautern Wall Mirror by Tosca Design is a geometric droplet, the area between the pointed steel frame and curved glass highlighted with cut-out negative space.

Sautern by Cattelan Italia

Big Bang by Foscarini

Its surface decorated with minimalist modern marquetry, Gallotti&Radice’s Zen Desk by Massimo Castagna intersects angular segments of ash and rosewood for a simple yet striking asymmetric arrangement.

Zen by Gallotti & Radice

Serene Green

If you listen carefully, you might hear the entire design world calling out ‘green is the new grey!’. Transformed into a background colour that’s snuck into our lives, the innately calming character of forest-y, fir-tinted, leafy green has wrapped around us with zero fuss and without anyone really noticing. It’s soothing, brings nature inside, goes with every colour in the spectrum, and makes us exhale almost involuntarily.

Hiray by Kartell

Flar by Lodes

Evoking images of sprawling Nordic firs, Muuto’s Cover Dining Chair by Thomas Bentzen feels like it’s just wandered in from the woodland, the timber’s grain remaining delightfully visible under its greenness.

Merging with the natural yet standing out for its industrial material, the green Outdoor Aplomb Pendant Light by Paolo Lucidi & Luca Pevere is crafted from concrete tinted in a soothing sage shade, ready to blend in with al fresco backdrops.

Cover by Muuto

Aplomb by Foscarini

The textured, under-the-radar olive tone of Flexform’s Vulcano Outdoor Sofa by Antonio Citterio gives it an au-natural sense of tactility quietly dedicated to the beauty of nature.

Vulcano by Flexform

Open Structures

Honour the craft skills that go into product design and embrace open structures, pieces that show off their frames, joints and supports and make them a beautiful part of their aesthetic. Honest, function-fused design is on the rise, pieces which don’t seek to hide their origins but are proud of them and harness them as decorative features. This new minimalism adds nothing which doesn’t need to be there, making the most of the building materials and methods which its construction relies upon.

AJ52 Society by Carl Hansen

Mart by B&B Italia

Its body poised within a frame made up of solid Canaletta walnut legs, Porada’s Regent Chest of Drawers by Marelli & Molteni hovers separately from its supporting structure, highlighting its elegant construction as well as the piece’s main body. Turning joints into decorative accents, the Nimbus Mirror by Kroyer Saetter Lassen for Menu suspends its glazing within a ring of brass, while screws act as attractive accent detailing.

Regent by Porada

Nimbus by Menu

A grid-like skeletal structure of horizonal and vertical lines, the Coordinates C4 Ceiling Light by Michael Anastassiades for Flos illuminates and celebrates its simple scaffold- like form.

Coordinates by Flos

Vivid Skies

From energetic blazes of ochre to flashes of fiery orange and bursts of intense magenta, 2023 hues are a force of nature, looking to the skies for inspiration and coming back with something surprising. A celebration of the colours that dance across the skies on the most bewitching of nights and beguiling of mornings, these exuberant shades enliven us, exuding energy and oomph.

Skynest by Flos

Vanity by Bontempi

The perky early morning/evening-is-coming auburn hue of Gubi's Stay armchair adds a whimsical, welcoming feel to the seat’s enveloping shape. Glas Italia’s XX Console Table by Johanna Grawunder is an exploration of light and colour made three dimensional. Harnessing the characteristics of a reflective glass prism, its intense pink and sizzling orange shades capture the hues of the most brilliantly-toned sky.

Stay by Gubi

XX by Glas Italia

COR’s Drop Pouf by Pauline Deltour joyfully deposits a bold burst of could-be-red-could-be-orange into a room, a shade from a sunset in its glorious final throws. Finish with CS Rugs’ round Merino Rug, which embodies the beauty of a sun heading for the horizon, a dazzling-yet-mellow flash of vitality which gives the whole room a glow.

Drop by Cor

Merino by CS Rugs

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