9 Hardworking Designs You Never Knew You Needed

If there’s one thing that most aesthetes can agree on, it’s that the details are never just the details. Our weekend edit is therefore dedicated to all the small things. The clever little designs that work extra hard, so you don’t have to.

Born To Roam

Bellhop is for the free spirits and wanderlusters, the ones that crave adventure and the soft glow of summer skies. Originally designed in 2017 by London-based studio, Barber & Osgerby, it’s widely regarded as the first truly great portable lamp, with up to 24 hours of battery life and a cosy design language to boot.

Bellhop Portable Lamp

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More than just a stylish luminaire, we’ve come to see it as a nomadic companion, a contemporary candle that can light up a soirée or guide you home from an autumnal ramble.

An Extra Seat

The season of staying in is upon us. And this month, we encourage you to make room for one more at the table —  a work colleague, a forgotten friend, someone you’ve been meaning to check in on.

Artistico Extendable Dining Table

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Bontempi Casa


Regular readers will know that an extendable dining table is the backbone of any convivial space, which is why we’ve prepped a variety of Italian styles that are in-stock and ready to ship. The Artistico collection from Bontempi Casa has proven particularly popular, with its statement base and resistant ceramic top.

Up, Up & Away

Even the most devoted of Marie Kondo converts need a spot where they can just hang it all from time to time. For years now, we’ve used this stylish number from Vitra — a Charles & Ray Eames original, that promises to bring order to the clutter.



While we’ll always harbour a soft spot for the classic colourways, true design buffs will be titillated by this limited edition version — one of just 999 in existence, and a must have for any modern collector.

Shapeshifting Sculptures

For the last 30 years, German designer Stefan Heigler has been thinking about sitting; the ergonomics behind it and why so many chairs seem unable to support good posture. It’s an investigation that led him to the creation of the DS-266 lounger — a versatile, hybrid design that resembles a closed fist when upright and an outstretched palm when open.


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De Sede


Thanks to its clever backrest, it can flit from sitting to reclining positions — a new approach to comfort that ensures a sumptuous experience no matter the occasion.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

An unusual one, we know, so hear us out. Modern wardrobes pose somewhat of an oxymoron to the contemporary aesthete. Often, they play home to our most prized possessions — the collections of shoes, ties and heirlooms we can’t live without. But it’s also where a lot of the dirt we traipse into our homes ends up.


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In recent years, Italian brand Lema, have dedicated themselves to the task of making these spaces easier to maintain with the world’s first air purifying system — proven to kill 99% of the bacteria or mould that can accumulate over time. Non-toxic and dermatologically tested, it’s compatible with all of their bespoke wardrobes, many of which you can now make an appointment to come and visit in-store.

Serving Style

A multi-hyphenate if ever there was one, Grace promises to help you sail through the holiday season in style. While best used as a vessel for tipples, it can also double up as a handy storage spot for any other decorative flotsam and jetsam you might have. 


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Available in three hues, its clean lines and smooth curves have an inviting, retro appeal — the kind of the style that’ll age gracefully, no matter your style or set-up. 

Thinking Space

Wherever you come down on the findings of Freud, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: his search for inner honesty has fundamentally shaped the way we think of ourselves in relation to others. It’s a theme that’s picked up in the aptly named Sigmund Writing Desk — a petite yet poignant design that makes no qualms about the methods of its making.


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It’s compact form works beautifully as a console or desk, and can be neatly incorporated into contemporary spaces without distracting from the overall aesthetic.

Cocooning Comfort

Clam is the sofa bed that does the kind favour of not looking like a boxy sofa bed. Its elegant silhouette plays with the lipped silhouette of its namesake thus negating the need for unsightly levers. The real pearl of this cocooning design however is the hidden comfort that underpins it.


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Ligne Roset


Individually made-to-order by the artisans at the foot of the Bugey mountains, the seat and backrest is crafted from many layers of Bultex foam before being artfully clad in polyester quilting. Every bit as cosy as a designer bed, it promises to surprise and delight any visiting guests this season.

Riding The Wave

Last but not least, the Camaelonda. The wave that became a sofa and swept us all off our feet. Thanks to a series of handy caribeanas, its curvy modules can be rearranged at will, opening up your home to all sorts of sumptuous shenanigans this season. 


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