Trend Report: 3 Days of Design  - 2024

Trend Report: 3 Days of Design - 2024

It’s that time when the eyes of furniture fans around the world swivel north, as annual Danish design spectacular 3daysofdesign showcases the best and freshest interior ideas coming out of the Scandi nations and beyond. With renowned luxury behemoths sharing the spotlight with emerging talents, it’s where every Nordic name worth knowing gathers.

For its 11th year, the festival is bigger and bolder than ever. Enveloping Copenhagen’s shops, studios, streets and show spaces with refined and forward-thinking furniture as well as lighting, accessories, new materials and limited edition pieces in increasingly awe-inspiring exhibitions, it ignites a city-wide celebration of extraordinary design across 11 districts.

For 2024 the event has a starry look in its eye with the theme ‘Dare to Dream.’ CEO Signe Byrdal Terenziani explains: ‘Dreams are the gateway to our innermost thoughts. A springboard for the imagination, free from limitations rooted in practicalities. It’s within this dreamscape that unconventional ideas and solutions are born.’ So, buckle up for some mesmeric interior expression and experimentation with our pick of the latest Nordic novelties, news and newness.

The RFH Collection - &Tradition

A partnership between &Tradition and the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation has led to the return of the RFH furniture series, five distinctive designs created for The Festival of Britain at London’s Royal Festival Hall in 1951 as part of Day’s first major furniture commission.

While the designs have been sitting pretty in the concert hall, foyers and public spaces of the iconic cultural venue for over 70 years, this is the first time some pieces are available to purchase, while others haven’t been available for decades.

The indoor pieces are the RFH Lounge Chair RD8 and RFH Armchair RD7, an almost matching duo. They were radically different to anything available at the time, while nodding to Day’s ergonomic-focused forms and minimal metal frame. ‘The RFH Armchair and Lounge Chair, with their armrests growing organically from the curved plywood back, have lively personalities, like birds about to lift off the ground in flight,’ says Paula Day, Chair of the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation, and daughter of Robin Day.

The outdoor RFH Terrace Chair RD4 disappeared after living only at the Royal Festival Hall and never being put into production. After being noticed in old images, it was rediscovered after a huge search uncovered a single chair carefully wrapped and hidden in the venue’s archives. The small, simple pieces are made from slatted, naturally weather-proof teak, making it durable as well as light and airy, functional and elegant.

The RFH Terrace Table RD5 and RD6 (it comes in two sizes) was designed to go hand in hand with the chair and was similarly never put into general production. Black, powder coated steel with a compact laminate top and four legs splay at a slight angle. It has a soft yet industrial feel as well as being hardwearing, fade-resistant, waterproof and easy to clean.

Anagram Sofa - Vitra

Based on the premise that everyday living has evolved past being focused on – and positioned around – the television and now needs to cater to an increasing array of activities, the Anagram Sofa by Swiss design studio Panter&Tourron was born. Created for its layout to be reinvented time and time again, this is a seating system deeply imbued with adaptability.

‘A sofa is a key character in the home and usually one of the largest objects. It's very important that it can evolve with you, otherwise you won't enjoy a long life together,’ say Stefano Panterotto and Alexis Tourron. ‘The Anagram platform modules are designed as islands that can be combined with other modules on all four sides which allows for countless configurations and easy layout.

An ‘assortment of possibilities’ rather that a static object, Anagram is made up of a handful of modules and elements that can quickly and easily respond to daily needs, or lifestyles changes: from an exercise regime, sports final or cocktail hour to a house move or family resize. Oh, it’s ready for anything.

Slimline backrests and side panels – in a range of colours and tones – can be freely positioned anywhere on the platform, rearranged in a matter of seconds and joyfully clicked unto place, morphing the configuration from a classic L-shape to a twisting S- formation to a compact chaise longue to a whatever-your-heart-desires...

It's also proudly vegan and eco-conscious, filled with 100% recycled PET fibres, with an easily removable cover for cleaning or replacement, the robust yet ultra-lightweight frame of 80% recycled content, and with nothing glued, laminated or foamed for smooth end-of-life recycling.

Autumn Preview - Gubi

Giving us a sneak peek into its coming-this-Autumn releases, Gubi certainly gets mouths watering with its upcoming design deliciousness, drawing inspiration from the colour and textural landscape of Bauhaus legends Anni and Joseph Albers.

The collection is an interplay of powerful hues and alluring tactility, with new soon-to-be- fully-revealed editions from the likes of French 1960s and 70s furniture and interior design extraordinaire Pierre Paulin, and 50s icon Mathieu Matégot: Hungarian-French designer, architect and artist. Prepare for pieces by contemporary studios such as Copenhagen-based lighting creative Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt and Danish design duo GamFratesi.

An exploration of materiality, the collection encompasses raw natural stone, perfectly polished plexiglass, gleaming metal and explores light itself, blended with innovative technologies. And is that a striped, upholstered Beetle chair we spy? A new palette for the plastic collection? An almost Cubist flame-like portable lamp that can be used at various angles? Perhaps... Autumn – lead on!

The brand also launched its partnership with UNICEF, launching Pierre Paulin’s Pacha Lounge Chair upholstered in premium fabrics in a trio of limited-edition shades: creamy white Lupo Special Diagonal Bouclé, silver-grey Harp and ivory-toned (and fully recycled) Mumble. The profits of 100 exclusive edition chairs will go towards supporting children in major but lesser-known crisis zones in countries such as Burkina Faso, Myanmar, and Sudan.

Monolit Chair - Fritz Hansen

Aesthetically in line with its namesake impressive stone structure, the characterful Monolit chair by Danish designer Cecilie Manz is composed of a wrap-around back rest shell which forms a protective and embracing wall around the sitter.

“The name Monolit has a lot embedded in it. I wanted it to be really reduced, drawn like a quick sketch, without too many details,’ says Manz. ‘I wanted people to read it as one shape, a monolith, but in two defined parts, top and base.’

Its sculptural and slender profile raises majestically from the floor, creating individual capsules of personal space that are both flexible and come-and-curl-up-here comfortable. Small design elements highlight its refined status, such as the linear piping around the seat which has a sharp, haute-couture feel in either full grain leather or coordinating with the upholstery, as well as the option for a contrasting inner colour (the outside remains mono-toned to emphasise its statuesque silhouette) and the hardy, horseshoe-shaped metal foot.

Kettlehut Chair - House of Finn Juhl

Designed in 1951 at the peak of Danish furniture virtuoso Finn Juhl’s career, the Kettlehut chair – or SW 86 as it was called at the time – has been put back into production thanks to the original watercolour drawings of it resurfacing (kept safely all this time by Mary Ellen Kettelhut, a former employee of Baker Furniture, hence the new name).

Created at the peak of Juhl’s career when his works were capturing hearts, minds and living rooms around the world, the chair’s commanding, shapely form and striking dual timber frame nods to the singular style of his wider collection. As with many of his works, the highest timber – the armrests and a central support spindle – are in rich walnut while the rest of the structure is oak, the result a double act of exquisitely crafted solid wood, the different shades graciously highlighting each other’s natural beauty.

Lungangolo Shelving - Karakter

A visual representation of luminary Italian architect and designer Achille Castiglioni’s preoccupation with the spaces in the home that are often wasted and not filled with beautiful design (why would you ever leave a space this way?!), the Lungangolo freestanding shelf set has a tiny floor footprint, perfect for tucking into those overlooked corners to fill them with goodness.

Originally conceived in 1991, it’s back as a reissue in solid and veneered oak treated with natural oil, black oil or a clear lacquered white stain. The piece is as useful as the user is inventive, poised to house anything from book/plant/photo collections to interesting objets, as well as secret who-knows-whats sheltered in its almost invisible single drawer.

The frame is constructed from four remarkably slim pillars united with squared cross sections, shelves and back or side panels, which forms a beguiling Mondrian-esque landscape of negative and positive space

Eave Seamline Sofa - Audo Copenhagen

Winding and meandering into the contemporary home of tomorrow is the Eave Seamline sectional sofa; a wave of alluring upholstered contours characterised by curves, clean lines and customisation.

Composed of architecturally-inspired concave and convex forms, it’s made up of nine pieces – from corner modules to chaise longue segments and open sections – that are waiting to be neatly fitted together and playfully slide and curl their way around a room, reacting to its specific shape and needs.

Eave Seamline is also available as a here’s-one-I-made-earlier pre-configured four- seater sofas in either five sleek and streamlined individual modules or with three modules as one sofa. The curvaceous design adds movement and the feel of the organic to the range’s existing collection of linear modular pieces and two- and three- seaters.

Settle Outdoor Collection - Muuto

No matter where you are, come rain or shine – nestle into Settle, the latest result of Muuto’s collaboration with Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll. Erasing the boundary between indoor and out, the upholstered all-weather seating range – which includes a cosy lounge chair, a neat two-seater and a generous three-seater – brings the softness and comfort of the living room into the fresh air, and the lightness and sense of freedom imbued into outdoor furniture inside.

“Today, many of us live in a way that blurs the lines between interior and exterior. These spaces support each other. You can see that in design, as the distinction between indoor and outdoor furniture becomes less clear. We bring the comfort of indoors out with us. So, we designed a sofa and lounge chair for spending the best of times outdoors,” says Espen Voll.

Its classic tubular steel fame references Danish mid-century modern outdoor furniture, with thoughtful details such as its sizable wooden armrests and tailored detailing pulling it forward in time for a decidedly contemporary perspective.

Spherical Bed - Carl Hansen

No need to keep scouring the auction houses for ‘father of the Danish Modern movement’ architect and furniture designer Kaare Klint’s masterpiece the 1938 Spherical Bed – it’s back baby. Celebrating fine carpentry and cabinetmaking at its highest realms, the design is one of the most time consuming in the Carl Hansen & Søn catalogue, each taking a full month to complete. ‘Kaare Klint was an innovative architect whom we are fortunate to have in our collection,’ says Knud Erik Hansen, CEO and third generation owner of the company. ‘His works are incredibly complex, which means that most of them do not lend themselves to serial production. However, we have a real desire to continue Klint’s legacy.’

The Spherical Bed’s name refers to its circular geometry. Originally presented as a single bed, the space between the headboard, footboard and sides followed the shape of a sphere and mirrored its curved edge. Hailed a mathematical stroke of genius thanks to its hyper-precise measurements and complexity. Reissued pieces will now be available as a double bed for the first time, and will also be crafted from wood from the same tree trunk for a smooth, uniform grain.

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