Over the last 25 years, we’ve helped clients in every part of the globe find the right furnishings for their projects. Our passion for design and knowledge of the industry means we’re uniquely positioned to help you on your creative journey.


Aesthetic is of the utmost importance to any project, but most of our clients also have secondary priorities and concerns that need to be considered. Cost, longevity and technological integration are just some of the factors that will play into the final decision. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience in this area and will ensure that all of these issues have been discussed prior to order.


Every project starts with a conversation about the desired results and the resources available. Our team of design experts will then utilize their considerable experience to correlate the two in the most cost-efficient way. Our projects range from boutique restaurants to glitzy shopping malls, and we’re able to present a plethora of options to achieve the chosen look.


Each site will have different guidelines and regulations that need to be met according to its future use. We will help you choose suitable products that meet these certifications without ever compromising on aesthetic.


A major concern in design today is sustainability. For projects with environmental targets, we’re able to advise on particular brands, revealing the story behind each product and how it’s sourced.


Optimising the available space is crucial to any commercial project. We take an inside out approach, producing space plans to help envisage the best possible layout. We then advise on an array of innovative, modular furniture capable of adapting to your requirements.


Reducing waste is of the utmost importance to our clients and us. For this reason, we’re happy to conduct furniture audits to assess whether any of the existing furnishings can be incorporated into the new scheme.


As part of our service we consolidate samples of products and finishes in line with agreed product selections. These can be viewed at our 25,000 ft showroom or can be delivered to site to be viewed and tried prior to purchase.