Turn Up The Texture With These 3 Soulful Stones

Design duo GamFratesi once said that without materiality a home has no soul. It’s why this season, we’re looking for textures that can take us places. From the craggy shores of Northern Italy to the epic architecture of Ancient Greece, these soulful stones promise to write life into weary interiors. Sharing the beauty of civilisations past. And organic futures to come.

A Rare Find

Gallotti & Radice


Legend has it that Renzo Piano would have built all of Europe’s monuments out of Ceppo di Gré if he could. Unfortunately for Paris and London, it’s found exclusively in Lombardy. And in quantities nowhere near enough to construct The Shard or Pompidou Centre — two highlights of the Piano portfolio.



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We imagine he’d be surprised and delighted, then, to see it debut on the Clemo Coffee Table by Gallotti & Radice —  a sinuous style that swaps straight lines for comforting curves. Gazing upon its dappled surface is a little bit like peering into an alpine stream. The minerals have a rocky, pebble-like quality, each a unique fingerprint of life on Earth.

An Ancient Attraction


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The saying goes that when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. It’s a sentiment that neatly describes how we feel about Travertine. First revered by the architects of Ancient Rome, it has remained perennially fashionable, as sacred a material to architects as prayer is to the Pope. In 2017, design studio GamFratesi, revived its use indoors — a masterstroke that marked a sartorial shift away from more polished marbles.


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Today, as part of their ongoing collaboration with Gubi, they’ve re-released the entire Epic and TS collection in a new shade: warm taupe. A heartwarming and evocative texture, its wavy striation pattern promises to invite a curious caress from all who pass. A visual reminder to slow down and find beauty in the world around us.


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A Cosmic Affair


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Some textures are the result of the natural rhythms of our world. Others are entirely more serendipitous. Like kunis breccia. Formed in the spots where comets have struck the Earth. In our interiors, it has an elegant lunar quality. The kind of style that can’t help but shine.


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It’s an idea that’s conveyed with unusual poetry at Menu – a Nordic brand committed to creating new connections between people and places. Look closely and you’ll notice that Kunis Breccia adorns their most sculptural styles — designs that could feel a little spare if it weren’t for that little bit of moon magic. Our favourite so far is the Harbour collection — a minimalist set of tables and chairs that we reach for whenever we need to furnish a space with restrained aesthetics.  



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