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AW19 Colour Watch: Indigo Blue

This season, there’s a new blue on the block and it’s no shrinking violet. In this week’s blog, we take a look at how some of our favourite luxury interior brands are styling this of-the-moment blue, alongside our very own do’s and don’t’s for all things indigo.

Infinite Interiors: Flexible Designs for Contemporary Living

How will we be living in 20 years? It’s the question that every futurist is trying to answer and the predictions can vary dramatically. If we’ve learnt anything over the past three decades, it’s that adaptability is key. This week’s blog takes a closer look at some of our favourite flexible designs for contemporary living.

Designed With You In Mind – 10 Ergonomic Creations

Sure, we’re all fixated by a scintillating exterior but when it comes to added appeal there’s nothing quite like an ergonomic invention. To this end, designers have continuously strived to create pieces with the user in mind, refining and reworking creations to ensure they support us in every way.

End-of-Sale Design Steals For Every Budget

While the balmy weather looks set to continue, the Chaplins Summer Sale is coming to a close. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of end-of-sale steals for every budget. Just be sure to order before midnight on Sunday if you want to take advantage of these exceptional prices.


Trust the Process – The Craftsmanship Behind the Design

We’re often drawn in by a striking interior but do we ever take the time to consider the craftsmanship behind it? ? In a world where everyone is fighting for our attention, we find ourselves easily overlooking the magic that goes into designing some of our favourite masterpieces.

5 Tips For A Luxurious Living Room

Over the years, we’ve learned that luxury looks different for everyone. That said, we’ve found there are a couple of tips that can be applied to every interior to help create a truly spectacular space. With summer get-togethers in full swing, we thought we’d share five of our favourites.

Supersized Serenity: 10 Grand Garden Designs

We love outdoor living because the garden is a space in which we can really break the rules. It’s with this in mind that we’ve rounded up 10 grand garden designs, each of which promises to transform the way you experience the outdoors this summer.