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7 Ways to Style Statement Furniture

Design is about adventure, the search for new frontiers that can’t always be expressed with words. So why is that so many of us play it safe with our interiors? It’s easy to feel like statement furniture couldn’t work in your home, but follow these simple tricks and you’ll have everything you need to create … Continued

Vermelha Armchair by Edra - Chaplins

How Italian Design Conquered The World

Coveted and incorporated into luxury homes in every corner of the globe, Italy’s long lineage of design heroes from have established this passionate nation as a world-leading laboratory for new design ideas. But what is it about the Italian culture that provokes such intense displays of creativity? Discover the secrets behind Italian design and how … Continued


7 Ways To Transform Your Spare Room

Transform your spare room with our list of exciting suggestions guaranteed to give your home a new lease of life. From a cinema and cigar room through to a zen meditation space, Chaplins are here to help you make the most of your space this summer.

Grand Prix Dining Chair by Fritz Hansen

12 Modern Dining Chairs for Under £500

Sale season is in full swing which means it’s time we compiled a list of the best luxury modern dining chairs that won’t break the bank. Whether it’s your first time buying designer furniture or you simply want to get hold of a luxury steal for less, you can expect to sit pretty with our … Continued

Knoll Pfister Sofa Platner Coffee Table - Resized

The Investor’s Guide to Luxury Designer Furniture

Global interest in luxury designer furniture is booming and so are the bank accounts of those who collect it. Find out why investing in modern designer furniture today can bring juicy financial rewards in the future with expert advice from former Sunday Times Style Interiors Editor, Claudia Baillie.

Interior Welllness

How to Achieve Health and Happiness through Interior Design

Many factors contribute to our health, happiness and emotional wellbeing. From the food we consume, amount of exercise we practice to the types of people we choose to surround ourselves with. However, one of the most fundamental and often underestimated factors, is the environment we choose to situate ourselves in.

Beat the heat - Magic Marble

Beat The Heat: 5 Furniture Hacks To Help You Keep Cool

Have you ever wondered why marble countertops feel particularly cool to the touch? There’s a reason the floors around the Grand Kebba are paved with marble and it’s not decadence. Marble has a particularly high thermal conductivity which makes it an excellent choice for hotter climates. Its resurgence this summer comes as no surprise as … Continued

Chaplins Summer Sale Now On

Summer Sale Now On – The Perfect Saturday

Treat yourself to the perfect Saturday at our 25,0002 ft Hatch End store. Flanked by a host of some of North West London’s best restaurants, the Chaplins summer sale is your chance to get hold of cutting edge contemporary design from over 180 European designers at incredibly discounted rates.

Slamp Lighting Collection

Introducing SLAMP: A Distinctive New Lighting Collection

New to Chaplins, Slamp offers a diverse range of unique, artisan lighting solutions that correspond with the excellence of industrial production. Established in 1994, the brand has accumulated credible success through their distinctively recognisable designs and infamous industry collaborations.