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In Conversation With: Andrea Anastasio (Excusive Interview)

Andrea Anastasio isn’t your typical Italian designer. An academic first and creative second, his life’s quest has been as much a search for knowledge as it is for self-expression. In recent years, he’s dedicated himself to mastering the evocative language of light, a pursuit that has drawn him into the creative orbit of Made in … Continued

The Glow Up: Contemporary Lighting For Every Room In The House

The arrival of winter can often bring with it feelings of gloom. This year, however, we’d like to propose something different: that we conquer the onset of darkness with rich interiors that resonate wellbeing and warmth. It’s in this spirit that we’ve pulled together a quick guide to the very best designer lamps.

Autumn/Winter Interior Trend Report 2020

Design is about experimentation — a constant investigation into the ways we can live better with those we love most. It’s in this inquisitive spirit that we bring you our Autumn Trend Report: a helicopter view of the textures, shapes and ideas bringing contemporary homes to life.

In Conversation With: Jaime Hayon

It’s often said that artists live on in the objects they create. For no designer is this truer than Jaime Hayon, whose playful philosophy is instantly recognisable in the beautiful furnishings he creates. In this month’s In Conversation, we sat down with Hayon to talk design, happiness and creativity during lockdown.