Summer Interior Trends 2024

Summer Interior Trends 2024

With summer reaching its peak, our minds are turning turn to thoughts of out-of-office messages, feeling some sun on our faces, and finally finding time to wind down. Focus lands on our indoor and outdoor spaces and how we can indulge in, or escape, the heat.

As the world of interior design continues to evolve and progress, the term 'trend' gets thrown around a lot. While we're not focused on fleeting TikTok-esque crazes with cryptic names, it's evident that the design zeitgeist and the broader cultural atmosphere, coupled with our individual style and personal history, does gently influence our design choices. These elements serve as our creative compass, empowering us to authentically express ourselves in our homes, and make living that bit more delightful.

For 2024 so-far, the general theme has been… no theme. As recent design shows Salone del Mobile and 3daysofdesign disappear into the distance, new shapes, sizes, colours, tones, textures and materials are ripe for the picking. Colours are fusing in new and interesting ways, contours are getting more audacious, influences range the plain to the pioneering, and furniture is helping us to all connect.

Dive into our summer interiors reports, where there’s something for everyone, the rulebook is relaxed and it’s all about doing what makes you feel good and showing who you are. So, what’ll it be?

Whispering Luxe

Finding the balance between overloading your space with noise and ensuring it displays your personality is a fine art. How can we make a statement while also keeping it subtle?

Discover with us furniture that fits the mould while also breaking it. We explore how a combination of delicate touches and bold strokes can create a home of both peace and passion.

Paper Folds and Forms

Paper carries words that influence our opinions and help us share ideas that shape our world. Now, it's shaping and sculpting design settings in its own special way. Gentle folds and abstract angles are creating a new way of storytelling within the home.

Explore a trend that is one for the history books in the second instalment of our Summer of Interiors trend report.

Supreme Silvers

Silver is, at times, associated with second best. Well, as of late, the opposite is true. Chromed couture is in, and metallic masterpieces are bringing a shine to your space like never before.

Discover our latest trend report outlining exactly which precious metals belong in your space.

Talking Points

Why do we create beautiful spaces if not to share them with the people around us? Curating conversation and encouraging engagement are key purposes of modern design, and we want to help introduce them to your home.

Discover ways to open up your interior and make the furniture in your home a talking point in more ways than one.

Surprising Shades

The way colours course through our home is really a matter of preference: some prefer bountiful brush strokes throughout, whereas others aim to use colour as the statement of the setting.

Explore how you can use the latter - how to give your space a "go-against-the-grain" feel - and add a hint of something different to a relatively neutral environment.

Colossal Curves

By incorporating non-linear lines and sweeping curves into your modular seating, you can enhance the serenity of any space, creating a seamless flow of comfort and style.

Discover how these grand curves can soften your space, both visually and to the touch.